Topic outline

  • Introduction DCS


    The abbreviation DCS stands for Digital Combat Simulator and is a simulation by the Russian company Eagle Dynamics.

    The software development studio based in Moscow began in 1995 with the simulation Su-27 Flanker. In 1999, the successor Flanker 2.0 was released. This was followed in 2003 by Lock On, which simulated several aircraft (F-15, A-10, Su-25, Su-27, Su-33 und Mig-29). However, the degree of realism was lower than in the predecessors. The add-on "Flaming Cliffs" added a very detailed simulation of the Su-25T.

    At the end of 2008, Eagle Dynamics released the first part of the DCS series: DCS Black Shark. An extremely realistic standalone simulation of the Ka-50 helicopter. It was followed by DCS A-10C Warthog, another extremely detailed simulation, which has its origins in a desktop trainer developed for the American military. With this, numerous real A-10 pilots trained the changeover to modified cockpit instruments and weapon systems before they could sit in the real aircraft.

    With "DCS World", a modular system was created, in which there is a uniform basis to which the most diverse content can be connected. An owner of Black Shark should be able to fly in the same environment as a player who has bought the A-10C, and even online with or against each other. This basis is the software DCS World. Without DCS World, the individual modules can no longer be installed and played today. In the meantime, numerous different modules have been added and more will follow.

    These are not only Eagle Dynamics' own developments. Several partner companies have already developed and published modules for DCS World. ED attaches great importance to a quality standard.

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  • Tests

    © 1991-2018, The Fighter Collection & Eagle Dynamics, Inc.Our goal is to bring the joy of flying to as many people as possible. All basic courses (basic line) are open to all student pilots. However, in later courses you are expected to be able to perform the procedures of the basic courses without much difficulty. In later courses, if the flow of a practical session with tutor and several students is hindered because one of the students damages his airplane every time he takes off, it is an annoying waste of time for the others. Therefore, we will only allow students who have passed the Basic exam in the Advanced-Line follow-up courses. Also, we reserve the right to temporarily exclude students with clear problems in the basic procedures from training in the practical sessions if other students are hindered by them.

    The practical exam is where you show what you have learned. Below you will find a description of the exam process and the actions that will be tested. A description of how to host a mission can also be found below.

  • Modifications, Tools, Tips and Tricks

    U.S. Air Force photo/R. Nial Bradshaw, Public DomainA MOD is a modification of the game that extends the range of functions or the appearance of the game and does not come from the manufacturer. A MOD is usually developed and maintained by volunteers from the community. There are many types of modifications, e.g.:

    • Sounds (e.g. more realistic engine sounds),
    • more aircraft, maps, objects,
    • replacement of elements of the game's GUI,
    • and much more.

    A great example is the translated English HD cockpits for the various Russian aircraft, which are very helpful.
    DCS has an active MOD scene. For a long time there have been volunteers who create MODs. In this subsection we want to show you how to use MODs and introduce you to some nice MODs. The use of MODs is not compulsory in the SFO and the use of MODs is always at your own risk!

    DCS also comes with a few helpful tools. But there are also some nice utilities from developers of the community. We want to introduce you to these programmes in a separate section.

    And we want to collect tips and tricks about DCS at this point.