Black Shark 2, (c) Eagle Dynamics, Inc.

DCS: Black Shark 2 is a simulation of the Russian combat helicopter Ka-50. DCS: Black Shark 2 is a much improved version of the original "DCS: Black Shark".

The Ka-50 "Black Shark" is a unique, single-seater Russian combat helicopter that has been used in combat missions in the North Caucasus. It combines a powerful coaxial rotor with deadly weaponry. Armament includes guided missiles, unguided missiles, bombs, cannons and a onboard 30mm gun. A special feature of the Ka-50 is that the pilot can save himself by means of an ejection seat.

Course Type: Basic-Line

Aim: Organised Flight Operations from Aircraft Startup to Shutdown after the flight

Topics / Contents:

  • Required Settings
  • Technical Data and Key Figures
  • Cockpit Briefing
  • Start of Systems
  • Hover Flight, Departure, Aerodrome Circuit, Approach and Landing
  • Trim and Damper System
  • Parking and Shutdown

Course Prerequisites: User registration

Status: DE Open BETA. EN Translated. Help us improve this course.

Kurstyp: Basic-Line oder Advanced-Line (wird sich bei der Erstellung zeigen)

Kursziel: Waffensysteme anwenden und Ziele wirkungsvoll bekämpfen

Themen / Inhalte:

  • Bordkanone
  • Ungelenkte Raketen
  • Lenkwaffen
  • Bomben
  • Zielsystem und Datalink
  • Selbstschutz

Kursvoraussetzungen: Benutzerregistrierung, Ka-50 Basiskurs. Optional Ka-50 Aufbaukurs

Status: Dieser Kurs wird gerade erstellt, möchtest du dabei helfen? Dann melde dich bei uns.