F-16C Hornet, © 1991-2019, The Fighter Collection & Eagle Dynamics, Inc.The General Dynamics F-16C ‘Viper’ is a high-performance, single-seat multirole combat aircraft that excels not only as an air superiority fighter, but also in the ground attack, precision bombing, SEAD and reconnaissance roles.

For air-to-air combat the F-16C is armed with AIM-9L/M/P/X Sidewinder missiles, AIM-120B/C AMRAAMs and an internal, six-barrel, M61A-1 20mm Gatling Gun firing 4-6,000 rounds per minute. An advanced airframe and fly-by-wire system mean the Viper can pull 9g, while the F110-GE-129 engine powers it to a maximum speed of more than Mach 2.

If you would like to participate in this tutor-led course series, please contact [OFS] kaltokri / Rolf on our Discord.

Course Type: Basic Line

Course Objective: Regulated flight operations from system start-up to post-flight shutdown.

Topics / Contents:

  • Necessary settings for the control and assistance systems
  • Cockpit briefing and basics of operation
  • Start-up procedure and take-off
  • Flying the flight characteristics, aerodrome circling, touch & go
  • Landing and parking (shutdown procedure)
  • Radio transmissions

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