In this section you will find courses that teach everything you need to know about a specific aircraft in DCS through illustrated instructions. The content is structured differently from a manual. In course form, the topics are taught from easy to difficult. This way the participant can build up his knowledge at his own pace and completely independent of special sessions.

This is particularly suitable for people who cannot attend our regular course sessions, e.g. because of shift work or family commitments. But also for people who attend our tutor-led courses, the eLearning area provides the knowledge to repeat certain topics.

Course Objective: General information as well as help with installation and set-up.

Topics/ Contents:

  • What does DCS cost?
  • Modules - overview, differences, activation
  • Installation and setup
  • Starting missions and servers
  • Where can I find help?

Course Requirements: None

Status: Open BETA. Help us improve this course.