MB-339 Aermacchi MOD, GemeinfreiThe Aermacchi MB-339 for DCS is a free of charge modification (MOD) developed by the Frecce Tricolori Virtuali in a private venture and has excellent external detail and flight model. The modification is under slow continuous development and is increasingly reproducing the systems of the real aircraft in detail. Information on obtaining and installing this free modification is available in the Chapter MB-339 MOD Installation.

At the Open Flight School, the MB-339 is used for ab-initio training (beginners) and as the primary trainer for the Professional Line training. The moderate system complexity and lower flight speed (compared to a modern multi-purpose fighter aircraft) in combination with the dual cockpit allow a smoother learning curve and therefore a better learning progression for both "Gamer" and "Enthusiast" students alike.

Course Type: Basic-Line

Course Objective: Controlled flight operations from system start to shutdown after the flight as eLearning in self-study.

Topics / Contents:

  • Necessary settings for the control and assistance systems.
  • Technical data and important key figures of flight operations.
  • Cockpit briefing and basics of operation.
  • Start Up Procedure and Start.
  • Fly through the flight characteristics, Circles, Touch & Go.
  • Landing and Shutdown (Shutdown Procedure).

Course Requirements: None

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Course type: Basic-Line

Course objective: Regulated flight operations from system start to shutdown after the flight as practical training

Topics / Contents:

Necessary settings for control and assistance systems
Technical data and key figures for flight operations
Cockpit instruction and basics of operation
Start Up Procedure and Start Up
Flying of the flight characteristics, Airfield pattern, Touch & Go
Landing and parking (shutdown procedure)
Visual navigation

Course requirements: None

Status: Open BETA. Help us improve this course.