Line: Professional

This Category is training that is not type specific and so is beneficial for all simulation games and aircraft types.  

E.g. Meteorology, Basic Flight Training, etc.

  • Line - Professional
  • Sim - All
  • Aircraft - Any Fixed Wing
    • Primary Trainer - MB-339
  • Students - Enthusiast Ab Initio (Beginner)
    • Gamer Convertee (to Enthusiast)
  • Category - e-Learning
    • p-Learning (Instructor lead) if requested
  • Prerequisites - Courses advised prior to studying this course
    • Theory Basic Course
    • Basic Course for the aircraft of your choice (or the MB-339 Basic Course)
  • Description - This course describes the basics of flying in a professional way
    • Everything is useful for all other fixed wing basic courses
  • Content - Basic Flying Skills
  • Competency - TBD
  • Status - Under Construction