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    Aerobatics TrainingContent and goal

    Here we offer you the possibility to learn formation and aerobatics. Starting with a
    basic workshop and the following training over the advanced workshops resp.
    Trainings 1 & 2 to the soloist and leader workshops.

    You can join us as an absolute beginner who is not yet in a team, but you are also welcome if you are already in a team.
    but you are also welcome if you are already flying in a team and you want to learn more skills.
    The goal is to teach everyone the craft so that they can then take a team seat in an external or internal team.
    or internal team.

    For the exact course of the training and further information please refer to the file Organization-Aerobatics-OFS.pdf.

        Prerequisite Basic course:
            Registration in Discord and basic knowledge F/A-18C
        Prerequisite Advanced course:
            Registration in Discord, skill test by a tutor, basic knowledge F/A-18C.

    If you want to participate in this guided training, please sign up in our Discord and contact Smokee | SJT or BlackHawk | Frank.