Topic outline

  • General

    What is the content of the Training?Heli-Banner eng

    In this training we cover any helicopter related topics. Its purpose is mainly to familiarise the participants with a particular helicopter type and explain some basics of helicopter flying.
    In contrast to the workshops or courses there is no specific topic sequence,
    but free selection of topics depending on the number and wishes of the participants.

    A few examples of the covered topics:

    - Start-up
    - Take-Off
    - Hover
    - Transition from hover to flight
    - Landing (hover landing and running landing)
    - Emergency procedures
    - Weapon employment
    - Sling loading of external cargos (if applicable)
    - etc.

    To join you only need one helicopter module.

    If you would like to participate in this tutor-led training, please contact FERRYMAN-1-1 | Kappi. on our Discord.