Topic outline

  • General

    P-51 (c) Eagle DynamicWhat is the content of the training?

    Many challenge-seeking pilots have so far participated in this unique training and looked at simulated flying through a different lens.

    What makes this training so special?

    • Flying in formation: the tutor flies directly on your wing
    • Cockpit briefing: Explanation of instruments
    • Basics of flying: Explanation of controls
    • Control inputs: Exercises on the ground and in the air
    • Direct feedback during flight
    • Precise flying: taxiing, take-off, landing, turns, climbing, descending, level flying, aerodrome flying
    • Briefing and debriefing
    • Follow-up trainings on Bf-109K, Fw190-Anton or -Dora and Spitfire on request


    We have a dedicated OFS/SRF co-op skin exclusively for the TF51 Mustang and for the ME109.

    Aim of the training:

    Flying the Mustang precisely to the point and landing in close formation at the end of the training.

    The tutor will explain all this to you in the air, flying the wing.

    The material taught comes from real flying.

    If we have aroused your interest, please contact [OFS] kaltokri / Rolf or SRF_Knauf via Discord.

    Have a look. We look forward to your registration.