Cockpit Overview

3. Left Panel (LP)

On the left cockpit side there is a smaller panel, the collective lever and a few other rarely used systems.  

In the picture below the elements are labeled which are also used in the checklist of the basic course.  

The elements for the radio are additionally labelled.  These should also have been seen before.  

Left Panel, Picture from kaltokri, Public Domain

ATTENTION: Since version 2.5 there are problems with the lighting in the current cockpit of the Ka-50.  The illumination of the buttons (e.g. AUTO TURN, MOV GND TGT etc.) are hardly visible.  ED is currently working on a completely new cockpit for the Ka-50.  When it will be ready is unknown so far.  The cockpit mod from Devrim improves the situation a bit.  

In the middle area the Engine Cut-Off Valves are placed, in case of Fire.  Also, the collective lever of curse.  The switches and buttons on the collective lever are not needed in the basic course

Collectiv, Picture from kaltokri, Public Domain

The Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) control, with its display and indicators, is located a little lower.  

APU, Picture from kaltokri, Public Domain