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  • General

    Attack on SAM position, picture of kaltokri, indentedThis course builds on the Basic, Weapon Base and Advanced courses. Here the complex weapon systems of the F/A-18C are discussed, which were not covered in the Weapon Basic Course, because one should have knowledge of the avionics systems of the F/A-18C, which are only covered in the Advanced Course. This includes the handling of the UFC, the DDIs, the AMPCD and some HOTAS functions. We therefore recommend that you do not work through this course until you have completed the advanced course.

    At first we repeat some unguided air-to-ground weapons, which offer extended application possibilities by additional functions. These include the AUTO-Bombing mode, ground radar or LOFT bomb release. Of course all guided bombs and missiles are also covered. No matter whether they are guided by laser, by GPS/INS, by TV/infrared image or by radar beams.

    The Targeting-Pod allows to search, identify and mark targets optically. Laser marking can be performed for your own weapon deployment or as buddy leasing for other aircraft. The coordinates of a targeted location can be passed on to the own GPS/INS guided weapons or to a wingman.

    Also special weapons like the AGM-88C HARM for SEAD missions or the HARPOOON for fighting ships will be discussed here.

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    • Guided Missiles

      The first missiles were unguided and were intended to destroy the Allied bombers in World War II. But soon they were also used against ground targets. Even though the destructive power of these missiles clearly exceeded that of an aircraft cannon, their accuracy and range was very limited. Even today, unguided missiles are used, but the portfolio was supplemented by their big guided brothers.

      These missiles are equipped with more explosive power and better motors of increased range, as well as sophisticated electronics and control mechanics. This of course causes a significant increase on the manufacturing costs. As with the bombs, there are different types of target marking. Laser marking works in the same way as with the bombs. However, there are also missiles with an optical seeker, such as the WALLEYE. Also, the AGM-88C HARM searches for radar transmitters and follows its radar beam to attack them. The HARPOON, on the other hand, uses its own radar to pick up ship contacts and steers itself to the target.