Code of Conduct

Undesirable and Not Tolerated:

  • Glorification of the 3rd Reich, its Symbols and its Politics:
    We understand that in some of the simulations we are evolved with, the historical framework of that time and the handling of the symbols and the circumstances of that time therefore somehow belong to it, and this is exactly what we regard it as historically correct, but otherwise, especially from an ideological point of view, we reject it.  There are also corresponding laws that we have to comply within Germany.  In the context of multiplayer games in the area of WW II, it may well be possible on international servers that aircraft are marked with a swastika as a national marking.  We regard this as historically correct and it is justifiable within this framework.  Within the framework of the usual role themes in online games, certain idioms are also quite acceptable, but there are simply limits that are flexible to a certain extent depending on the situation.  We reserve the right to exclude players who repeatedly exceed these limits despite a request to refrain from further use of this website.  

  • Discrimination:
    Depreciation of poorer classmates, minorities, women, fellow citizens of other nations and also disabled people.  

  • Unfair Behaviour:
    • Other players, who may have already invested more than one hour of free time and now just want to land clean after a difficult flight, should refrain from shooting, ramming or otherwise obstructing in the airfield or while taxiing on the ground without any reason and without consent.  
      If no rules apply on a game server with combat scenario in this respect, then this applies at least to the pilots of their own side, the pilots of the opposite side are then a legitimate target.  
    • Aircraft landing, in particular with a recognisable emergency, shall be given priority, as far as possible.  
    • Parachuting pilots are generally not to be regarded as legitimate targets.  The firing on parachutes or the further firing at emergency landed aircraft is questionable and should be avoided.  
    • Taxiing on the ground and behaviour on the field.  Every pilot shall behave in such a way that he maintains control of his aircraft.  Inappropriate antics on the taxiways is not welcome and should therefore be avoided.  The same applies to non conventional (Scramble across the runways) take-off and landing.  
    • Unobjective discussions, whether oral or written, are not meaningful and will not be tolerated.  Everything can be discussed objectively and calmly.  This also includes letting someone else speak out and quietly listening to another’s opinion.  One must also be able to accept that someone has a different opinion than oneself.  
    • When an appointment has been scheduled for a practical session, it is simply polite to be present on time or at least to let us know, in good time, that you will attend later or that the appointment can no longer be kept.  Repeated missing of appointments without notification can lead to exclusion.  

We will supplement this part as necessary if this should become really essential.  But we are currently assuming that everyone shall be aware of what it means and what kind of behaviour we desire and what is not wanted.  

Last modified: Wednesday, 31 July 2019, 3:21 PM