Expanation of CCIP and CCRP


In this section we want to explain the two drop modes CCIP and CCRP.


With CCIP (Continuously Computed Impact Point) you go into a descent flight and place the sight on the target.
With modern target systems many variables are included to determine the impact point of the dropped or fired weapons as accurately as possible and the result is display it in the HUD. Compared to CCRP, CCIP is much more precise, since fewer variables can lead to a deviation.

However, this method leads to a considerable loss of height and thus increases the risk of enemy fire.

CCIP, Image of Charly_Owl, Public domain


With CCRP (Continuously Computed Release Point) the bomb is dropped in horizontal flight. Here, too, the impact point is calculated for modern weapon systems taking into account as many parameters as possible. Nevertheless, there are more potential deviations than with CCIP. The advantage, however, is that you don't lose altitude and therefore reduce the risk of enemy fire.

CCRP, Image of Charly_Owl

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