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  • General Information

    By USAF - U.S. Air Force photo 020926-O-9999G-001 from the USAF website, Public Domain, course deals with the theoretical basics of various weapon systems. We do not deal with the use in a particular aircraft, but concentrate on overarching topics. An example is the explanation of the bomb drop modes of CCIP and CCRP which are used by various American aircraft. So, instead of repeating the explanation several times in the weapon courses for those aircraft they are explained in this course. Of course, you will not find which switches you have to press in an A-01C or an F/A-18C to use CCIP. That will be covered in the weapon courses for the particular aircraft type.

    Please note that this course is in the early stage of construction. Whenever we come across a topic that should be covered in general, when creating a weapon course for a specific aircraft, this course will be extended.

    Therefore, this is more of a placeholder at the moment. Only if we have enough material to work out a course structure, we will rebuild this course.