Skins for OFS

[OFS] Blackhawk / Frank has created beautiful skins for the OFS.
They will be built into our course missions in the future.
To download them, please use the following link.


These are self-extracting files. Hence the file extension .exe!
The message that the file cannot be checked for viruses is due to the file size and is normal.

If the file cannot be executed and a blue warning dialogue appears, you must click on the data with the right mouse button and open the properties. There you activate the box Allow:


The path is C:\Users\<User>\Saved Games\DCS.Openbeta is already preselected, so you only have to click, Yes.

Attention: For the Steam version, during installation the path must be changed from
C:\Users\<User>\Saved Games\DCS.Openbeta
C:\Users\<User>\Saved Games\DCS

F/A-18C Skin, Bild von Blackhawk, Public Domain F/A-18C Skin, Bild von Blackhawk, Public Domain


BF109 TF-51D

F-14 Skins

AH-64D Skins

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