F-14 Piloten Basic Course & MB-339 Aermacchi Basic Course

F-14 Piloten Basic Course & MB-339 Aermacchi Basic Course

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Has it really been six weeks since my last posting with news?
Crazy as time flies. Sorry for the long break.
On the one hand some people were inactive during the summer holidays, but on the other hand a lot has happened within the project.

In the German part of OFS:
- The F-14 pilot basic course is finished and open to everyone. Please take a look and send feedback via PM to me.
- The following courses are being actively worked on:
  - F-14 Basic Weapon Course
  - F/A-18C Advanced Course
  - Huey Basic Course

- The following courses are currently paused for various reasons:
  - A-10C Basic Weapon Course.
  - Mig-21bis Basic Course
  - Su-33 Basic Course
  - Ka-50 Basic Weapon Course
I would like to emphasize the basic course for the MB-339 Aermacchi. It is an Italian two-seater trainer which was developed as MOD and is available to all free of charge. This is of course a great thing for us as a flight school, because not everyone wants to buy a Yak-52 or L-39 "only" to learn to fly properly.
The course is almost finished.

In the English part of the OFS the translations run at full speed.