General Information on the OFS

In this text page we clarify the most frequently asked questions such as:

  • Why does the OFS cost nothing?
  • What content is offered and what games are covered?
  • How do I find the dates of the courses?
  • How is the OFS organized?
  • How can I get involved?

1. General

Kampfflugzeuge verschiedenster Generationen über New YorkWhy does the OFS cost nothing?

The entire content of the website and all practical OFS training courses can be used free of charge.  We do not charge any processing fees, course fees or fees and the same. 

The OFS is independent of game manufacturers, publishers and virtual squadrons.  It is a purely private leisure project without any economic interests.  The running costs are currently covered by voluntary donations from tutors.  

What content is offered and what games are covered?  

The OFS compiles training material and tutorials for various flight simulations.  The basic courses, as well as most theory blocks, are mainly designed for self-study.  In addition, the tutors will be happy to help you if required.  After the often necessary theory there is a practical part to most courses or course sections.  It can be completed offline in single-player mode or online in multiplayer mode for practice and consolidation.  For certain advanced courses, participation in guided practical lessons and / or examination flights is obligatory.  The course participants and the respective tutor determine the dates in mutual agreement.  

DCS (Digital Combat Simulator), IL-2 Stumovik Great Battles (Battle of Stalingrad, Moscow & Kuban) and X-Plane. Rise of Flight is also planned for later.  

How do I find the dates of the courses?  

The courses actually take place all the time.  There is usually no start or end dates.  You decide when your course starts and ends.  It is your course, only for you.  You decide when you want to go through the course material, and if you need help, we are there for you.  Check the calendar of the course to see if a date already exists, and if not, ask the trainer for one.  

We are automatically informed about every course enrolment and as trainers we logically receive information about all requested exercise dates, practical seminars, etc.  This enables us to schedule the next practical dates promptly and to arrange a common date with the current course participants as far ahead as possible.  

How is the OFS organized?

The OFS is roughly divided into information seekers and information providers.  One is the student and the other is the tutor / trainer, similar to a real school.  
Each course has several tutors who maintain the course.  They are available for questions as primary contacts and coordinate practice and examination dates. 

There are area managers who are particularly familiar with a game and organize the course creation in this area.  

Kaltokri is the owner of this website. He has the legal responsibility and therefore also the liability.  Freddo and Kaltokri organize and coordinate the course creation and further development of this website.  

Further information can be found under Contact.  

How can I get involved?

Anyone who wants to can take part and abide by the rules.  We want to spread the work for the community over as many shoulders as possible.  

We are able to adapt or add new courses, curricula, competences, etc. at any time. Are you ready to create course material (text, images or videos) or can you provide finished material?  Then please contact the appropriate person.  

You already have experience in handling different flight simulations or special patterns, would you like to pass on your knowledge and become a tutor?  If you want to start as a tutor, you have to show that you are suitable for the corresponding course in the areas of theory, practice and didactic mediation.  Please get in touch with us (see contact person).

We will later create the possibility to contribute to the costs of the OFS (e.g. for Web-, Teamspeak- and Gameserver) through donations, but at present this is not available not yet.