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by VBF-12_Gosling (en) - Friday, 25 September 2020, 6:30 PM

Heading, Altitude, Time

A method of conducting a turn at a waypoint during navigation.  This occurs twice, Before the turning point is the Pre-HAT and after the turning point is the Post-HAT


HEADING - Having seen the turning point (or planning to turn on time) Check the next heading from your navigation plan.  Adjust this heading for drift using Max Drift and Clock Code.  

ALTITUDE - Check if there is a required change of altitude for the next leg and the associated Safety Altitude.  

TIME - If running individual leg timing, reset the clock.  If running continuous timing for the route, note the time at the waypoint.  

At the waypoint, Restart the clock (if required), Lookout and Turn....  JUST Lookout and Turn until rolling out on heading.  Do NOTHING else.


HEADING - After rolling out, check you have rolled out on your wind adjusted heading.  

ALTITUDE - Adjust your altitude for the next leg.  

TIME - Ensure the clock is running or if you forgot to note the time at the waypoint take the time now and add a few second for the turn.