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3 OFFs

by [OFS] Gosling (en) / Jerry - Friday, 25 September 2020, 6:30 PM

Bearing Off, Distance Off, Time Off

A method of checking leg tracking and timing at the mid leg check point during navigation

BEARING OFF - At your mid leg check point assess your location compared to the check point and estimate the difference in bearing from the start waypoint.  

DISTANCE OFF - Estimate the Distance Off of track using the 1 in 60 Rule.  

TIME OFF - Note hoe the time abeam the check point compares to the planned time

From these three Offs the aircraft can be flown back onto track or flown directly to the end leg waypoint.  Also an assessment of the time of arrival at the leg end waypoint can be made or the aircraft speed changed to maintain a time over the waypoint.  

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