Cockpit Overview

4. Right Panel (RP)

The front area is dominated by the PVI-800 Navigation panel, which we don't use in the basic course yet.  

However, we set the PVI operating mode correctly in the start checklist and activate the PVI Data Link.  The selector switch for the Data Link mode is also set to COM at startup.  What this is used for is explained in the advanced course.

Front Area, Picture from kaltokri, Public Domain

ATTENTION: Since version 2.5 there are problems with the lighting in the current cockpit of the Ka-50.  The illumination of the damper buttons (see below) is currently inverted.  I.e. the buttons light up when the damper is switched off!  The mark whether a button on the PVI-800 has been activated is hardly visible.  Eagle Dynamics is currently working on a completely new cockpit for the Ka-50. When it will be ready is unknown so far.  The cockpit mod from Devrim improves the situation a bit.

On the rear part of the console we are only really interested in the blue buttons at the front.

This activates the autopilot and dampeners. Bank, Pitch and Heading should always be activated.  With Altitude selected only when needed.

This makes it much easier to fly the helicopter, but you also have to understand the trimming mechanism.  Both will be explained later.  

Rear part, Picture from kaltokri, Public Domain